Thursday, August 23, 2012

Can YouTube Help Promote Your Museum?

YouTube is being used by everyone today... well, almost everyone.

Most people will look at a picture of your museum before they read an advertisement. My personal, unscientific, research tells me that most people will watch a 1 minute video before they will read a one sentence description of almost anything. SO WHAT?  What does this mean for you?

People are fascinated by video and this is something from which any promoter can benefit. Video has proven itself to be the most viral way to promote anything. You can lead prospects to your video from every other media you use. Videos can be posted and linked from Facebook, Twitter, your website, by QR codes and mentioned in any piece of print media. It is the easiest way to own internet real estate. It is not only having your information seen, but having it consumed that matters. Video is a great way to occupy high quality online real estate that will be consumed and remembered more than any other media available.

It is also a tremendous way to enhance your SEO. Google owns YouTube and they spider and index YouTube videos regularly. If you use good keywords, you could actually hit the front page of Google within 24 hours of posting your YouTube video. Don't waste any time, start today. Just remember to provide real value, and don't be pretentious.

Take a look at the video below to see how MoMA NY has used video with the City Pass system to promote the museum along with a plug for the City Pass system.

~ Joe

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