Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Does LA give you an "all over" feeling?

LACMA Director Michael Govan believes that Los Angeles does not have the landmarks that distinguish some other major cities like Paris, Rome and  New York.  Because of this it has an "All Over" feeling that is captured in American contemporary artist Chris Burden's latest installation "Metropolis ll."

Burden has lived in Los Angeles since the 1960s and the city has inspired much of his work. "Metropolis ll" is a complex kinetic sculpture modeled on a fast paced city of the future.  The sculpture has a steel frame integrated with a system of roads, train tracks, and buildings.  The equivalent of 100,000 cars per hour buzz the 18 different roads  which produces a ambient background noise that creates a mild tension while you are viewing the piece.

The artist says this about the piece, "part of being satisfied as an individual, in life, is feeling that you have some control over a situation, and here, you're godlike because you go upstairs and you look down on it, and this thing is contained. And even though the noise level and the activity give you a sense of anxiety, you know you're safe here, and you feel godlike in being able to sort of observe from above, and enjoy the activity without being fully immersed in it."

Metropolis ll is now on permanent display at LACMA.

Preview the exhibit in this video.

~ Joe

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