Thursday, July 15, 2010

Social Media and your staff.

Does your institution use social media? Do you believe in the effectiveness of Twitter? If you do, and you also believe that the best advocates for your programs are the people that actually make them happen, you should look at this article from the Brooklyn Museum.

The article is about a service that allows your people to tell the story of your programs and exhibits. Please let me know what you think of this service.

Can you see the future?

It will be hazy, hot and humid in Washington, DC tomorrow. This is not a difficult prediction, it is always hazy, hot and humid in Washington during the summer.

Knowing the future of your museum is much more difficult. It is easy to know what you would like to happen, but seeing into that crystal ball is still a fairy tale.

Click on the link below and you can see what Ford Bell, the President of the American Association of Museums thinks we might see.

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