Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Is Your Digital Media Safe?

It seems as if every piece of technology I use today comes with a warning about protecting my data. From sophisticated viruses to spam and theft, I am bombarded with the importance of keeping my data safe. I have virus protection, spam protection, malware detectors, and firewalls to keep my documents, music, and pictures safe from threats so heinous that I'm afraid to mention them in polite company.

 What no one ever mentions is how I should store the actual digital media to keep it safe from physical corruption. How should I store my CD's, DVD's, external hard drives, and every other manner of digital storage device.

 Please take a look at the video on below. This was funded and presented by the Institute of Museum and Library services. Grant conservator Victoria Montana-Ryan gives us some tips on caring for the digital media that you may have in your collection. Stay tuned till the end for some slides with added resources and specs for storing digital media.


 ~ Joe

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